Available apartments won’t show up on this page until there is a confirmed move out date. Hilldale Towers has no known availability from now through the end of May. If you are looking to move in here in August (or late July), I’m afraid there isn’t much point in applying, as we have over 75 applicants already for that time period. You’re more than welcome to do so, but don’t expect a tour, or any outreach.

Other than these possible openings, we will reach out to applicants already on our waiting list (over 250 now for the entire summer), in case something comes up suddenly. You are more than welcome to apply (top right corner), and we can add you to that list. Please fill in the move-in date information: applications without complete information will be set aside.

For the busy moving season (June – September 2023), Hilldale Towers accepts applications on a rolling basis. We reach out about renewal plans around 3-4 months prior to lease ends. Keep in mind that we will only process your application once we confirm your continued interest, and will offer in-person tours once there is an apartment match with a waiting applicant. Here is our virtual tour video, for an idea of our facilities, and please follow our Facebook page for more updates.

2BR Update: We typically don’t have many available 2BR apartments, perhaps only 4-6 per year, and this year is looking especially slow. We have over 30 applicants already, and there may not be any availability for them. If you apply now, there’s almost no chance we’ll be able to accommodate you.

We do appreciate your interest in Hilldale Towers, and hope to be your Madison home one day! Best of luck!

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