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Since most questions are regarding summer availability, I’ll try to answer them here:

  • Do you have apartments available this summer? Yes, we will very likely have apartments available. We won’t begin to know just how many will be available until the onset of spring, in late February/early March.
  • What are the chances I’ll get an apartment? If you apply from now until February or March? Decent now, slim later. For 1BRs, we have a lot of applicants (over 50 already), and an unknown number of available apartments. As for 2BR apartments, we typically get dozens of applicants for even fewer spots, and it’s quite possible that NONE on our waiting list will be offered a 2BR this summer.
  • What are your rent costs? If you look at our Floor Plans link above, that will have the most updated rent ranges, and will show the amenities included. In fact, our website has a bunch of useful information, which could answer many questions.
  • Can I have a tour? Sorry, since we are currently full, we only set up tours after we offer an available unit to someone on our waiting list. You must apply to get on that list. You can also look at our virtual tour (on our Facebook page too).

Still have a different question? Please use this online contact form. We hope to be your Madison home soon!

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